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Season One
Mahler's First Symphony

Mahler podcast

Season 1 focuses on Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D major (1888), taking listeners back to the work’s origins in the street songs, folk tunes, and bugle calls of Mahler’s childhood. Each of the four episodes is devoted to a movement of the symphony.

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Mahler podcast Mahler podcast
Mahler podcast Mahler podcast

Season 1 of Embrace Everything – The World of Gustav Mahler was made possible by a generous grant from the Kaplan Foundation Read more »

Mahler podcast
Episode 1: Isn’t This a Splendid World?
Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony is the story of a young man beginning his journey through life. Read more »
Mahler podcast
Episode 2: All Music Proceeds from the Dance
In the second movement of his First Symphony, Gustav Mahler draws upon the dance music of his youth. Read more »
Mahler podcast
Episode 3: The Huntsman’s Funeral
Early audiences found the third movement of Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony grotesque, macabre and unsettling. Read more »
Mahler podcast
Episode 4: The Battle of Fate
Gustav Mahler originally titled his First Symphony “Titan,” because of the mighty struggle between his hero and fate, a monumental battle that reaches its climax in the fourth movement. Read more »

The Cast of Season 1

• James Lurie as the voice of Gustav Mahler.
• Laura Gragtmans as the voice of Mahler’s friend and confidante, Natalie Bauer-Lechner.

• Kent Nagano, Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Hamburg State Opera and Philharmonic
• Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony and New World Symphony

• William Hudgins, Principal Clarinet, Boston Symphony Orchestra
• Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra
• Dominic Seldis, Principal Bass, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Music scholars:
• Philip V. Bohlman, University of Chicago
• Christine Lee Gengaro, Los Angeles City College
• Christian Glanz, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
• Caroline Kita, Washington University in St. Louis
• Marilyn McCoy, Columbia University, New York